Safari holidays will be back

Although it is probably unwise to go on a safari holiday at the moment the hope is that in the near future safari holidays will be back on the cards for those wanting an unforgettable holiday adventure. What is possible at the present time is booking that safari holiday as many companies are open for business and actively encouraging travellers to book for the latter part of the year and next year. Most of these travel companies are offering a guarantee that any holiday booked with them can be transferred to a different date without charge giving holiday makers the confidence to book knowing that if anything changes they will not be out of pocket.

Before booking that incredible safari experience it is a good idea to do a bit of research on the area you want to visit and the type of safari experience you want as there are a variety on offer ranging from a luxurious hotel stay with daily wildlife reserve excursions to a full-blown, back to basics adventure where you will be camping under canvas in the African bush.

A safari holiday can even be combined with a beach holiday if that is what you enjoy as South Africa has some breathtakingly beautiful beaches along its coast.

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Are you fully covered?

Although a traditional beach holiday either at home or abroad is still a popular choice for holiday makers many people are considering an exciting adventure holiday instead where they can try out activities that they would not normally do such as taking a safari in South Africa, visiting the ancient temples of India or trekking the Inca Trail however to avoid the possibility of costly medical bills in the case of illness or accident it is important that comprehensive travel insurance is arranged before travel.

It is essential that the appropriate level of travel insurance is purchased if you are considering an adventure type holiday as the normal level of cover may not cover what may be considered risky pursuits. The terms and conditions of any policy that you are thinking about taking out should be read thoroughly to check which specific activities are covered and if in doubt a telephone call to the insurers should clarify things.

If you are an older traveller it is worth noting that after the age of sixty-five travel insurance premiums usually increase but it is unwise to travel without insurance as medical costs can be exorbitant if you find yourself injured whilst on your trip. Any pre-existing medical conditions, however small should be declared when applying for cover but many insurance companies, as long as the conditions are stable will still provide cover albeit with an additional premium.

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Ideal destination for your first safari trip

If you have never experienced the excitement of taking a safari holiday before you may be wondering where the ideal place is to go to get the most from the trip especially if you are going with a particular experience in mind for instance seeing many different animal species or getting to see the amazing landscape.

One of the most popular destinations to visit in Africa is Kenya as it has an outstanding amount of wildlife to see, and the Kenyans are experts when it comes to safari accommodation and transport between wildlife reserves. The choice of where to stay depends very much on personal preference but whether you prefer a luxury hotel or a safari lodge there are plenty to choose from.

Expert guides will be able to show you the incredible native animals such as elephants, big cats and rhino in their natural habitat whilst keeping your party safe a long as you follow their instructions. Be sure to have your camera ready to record this experience of a lifetime and to be able to share the photographs with friends and family when you return home.

Although some people try to avoid the bustling city of Nairobi as the streets can get extremely busy it is worth a quick visit and gives the traveller a taste of life in this part of the world.

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Bird watching on an African safari

Choosing to go on a bird watching safari is an excellent way to spend a holiday and Africa boasts a vast number of unusual bird species. The country is definitely a bird watcher’s paradise as over 1000 bird species have been recorded there from water birds, forest birds, savannah birds to seabirds. If you are an ornithologist, you will also enjoy watching the spectacular water birds including the African skimmer, kingfishers and the rarely seen Pell’s fishing owl. 

Many holiday companies offer packages which include visiting specific locations where you are more likely to be able to see and photograph these birds in their natural habitat, so it is certainly worthwhile checking these out.

For those wanting to see some of the larger bird species the ostrich, which is the largest bird in the world can be spotted running across the plains of the Serengeti whilst the Marabou Stork can be found in most of the African national parks.

If you are near the coast or a river you may be fortunate enough to see a fish eagle. It is a magnificent sight to watch them swooping into the water for their prey and will make your bird watching safari a memorable one.

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Planning an amazing safari holiday

For many travellers, the opportunity to go on a safari holiday is the stuff of dreams but it does not necessarily have to be beyond the reach of most holidaymakers as there are some real bargain deals available.

The first consideration is where to go on your African safari holiday as you will get a different experience depending on the area that you visit. For most first timers seeing the Big Five is going to be top of the list but even for seasoned safari travellers the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat always excites.

Probably one of the most popular safari destinations is the Masai Mara in Kenya. Here huge herds of wildebeest can be seen crossing the Serengeti from July onwards and therefore their predators, lions and cheetah may also be seen with luck. Elephant, giraffe and rhino can also be spotted on the plains from the safety of the safari jeep.

Accommodation whilst on safari need not mean that you are compromising on comfort but can be in one of the many luxurious hotels that are available across Kenya. Many have exquisite spa facilities where holidaymakers can relax after a day animal watching in the bush.

Safari holidays to Kenya can be found for all budgets and direct flights from London airports make the destination easily accessible to travellers.

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