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African Trek

Posted by on February 28, 2014

African treks are an alternative to a safari. Both give a great opportunity to experience the wildlife and natural beauty of such a diverse and exciting environment. A trek, unlike a safari, will generally take place over a longer period of time, giving you an opportunity to get a different perspective of the area, although the area that you can explore will typically be a lot smaller than when you are driving in a safari. This has both benefits and negative aspects to it. For instance, in a trek you can go to places where a vehicle can’t, such as a mountain or a forest. This is why they are two different experiences. There are numerous places in Africa where vehicles can’t move around easily, namely, the Congo, and the mountain wildlife that is the habitat for gorillas. Both of these environments are habitats for animals that you won’t be able to find elsewhere in Africa outside of a zoo, and many of these animals deserve just as much attention as the big five which people typically go on an African Safari to see.