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Amazing holidays on a shoestring

Posted by on January 20, 2020

During the cold and dark winter months our thoughts often turn to holidays. The lure of lying on a beautiful beach soaking up the sun’s rays or exploring a new and exciting location spurs us on to dig out the holiday brochures, pay a visit to the travel agents or more and more frequently go online to search for the perfect holiday.

The budget for this holiday is usually the determining factor when it comes to choosing a getaway but with careful planning and sometimes being prepared to take a risk an amazing, yet affordable holiday is still achievable.

Choosing a destination is the first saving that can be made as often less well-known holiday destinations can be much less expensive. For instance, Croatia and Bulgaria have become popular in recent years. Another location worth a mention is Lake Sevan in Armenia. Located in western Asia it is a must see for anyone wanting a breath-taking holiday and although relatively underdeveloped the locals are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

When considering the type of accommodation money can be saved by looking beyond the usual hotels and guesthouses and choosing a hostel many of which now have ensuite rooms.

So, with some thought and an open mind a holiday on a shoestring is possible.