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Are you fully covered?

Posted by on May 30, 2021

Although a traditional beach holiday either at home or abroad is still a popular choice for holiday makers many people are considering an exciting adventure holiday instead where they can try out activities that they would not normally do such as taking a safari in South Africa, visiting the ancient temples of India or trekking the Inca Trail however to avoid the possibility of costly medical bills in the case of illness or accident it is important that comprehensive travel insurance is arranged before travel.

It is essential that the appropriate level of travel insurance is purchased if you are considering an adventure type holiday as the normal level of cover may not cover what may be considered risky pursuits. The terms and conditions of any policy that you are thinking about taking out should be read thoroughly to check which specific activities are covered and if in doubt a telephone call to the insurers should clarify things.

If you are an older traveller it is worth noting that after the age of sixty-five travel insurance premiums usually increase but it is unwise to travel without insurance as medical costs can be exorbitant if you find yourself injured whilst on your trip. Any pre-existing medical conditions, however small should be declared when applying for cover but many insurance companies, as long as the conditions are stable will still provide cover albeit with an additional premium.