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Author Archives: Fred

Planning a safari holiday with children

Safari holidays can be amazing trips and what better way to spend it than with all your family. Many people are put off from taking children on safari with them, thinking that they will not appreciate it much and may find it boring but it can be fascinating to a child and they really can … Continue reading »

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Checking on flight arrangements

If you are going abroad and have booked your flight you need to spend some time researching your airline and what you should and shouldn’t take. All airlines have different restrictions and also many countries allow different items to be transported in and out of the country by plane. Firstly you need to ensure that … Continue reading »

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Planning your travel arrangements

When booking a holiday you need to take careful consideration over your travel arrangements and be sure that you know how and when you are getting to and from your destination but also how you are going to get from place to place whilst away. It may be that you are going to an all … Continue reading »

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Discovering the history of Egypt

Egypt is a place that is steeped in history and culture. Although there are many concerns around safety upon visiting Egypt at present, if you chose a good resort and stay within it, you are most likely not to run in to any issues. Egypt is quite a big country and there are areas that … Continue reading »

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Taking children on a safari holiday

One of the biggest concerns of taking a child on a safari trip is safety, but if you are confident that your child is of an age where they can comply with the rules, then it could be the trip of a lifetime. This age – whenever it may be – also means that your … Continue reading »

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