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Bird watching on an African safari

Posted by on February 19, 2021

Choosing to go on a bird watching safari is an excellent way to spend a holiday and Africa boasts a vast number of unusual bird species. The country is definitely a bird watcher’s paradise as over 1000 bird species have been recorded there from water birds, forest birds, savannah birds to seabirds. If you are an ornithologist, you will also enjoy watching the spectacular water birds including the African skimmer, kingfishers and the rarely seen Pell’s fishing owl. 

Many holiday companies offer packages which include visiting specific locations where you are more likely to be able to see and photograph these birds in their natural habitat, so it is certainly worthwhile checking these out.

For those wanting to see some of the larger bird species the ostrich, which is the largest bird in the world can be spotted running across the plains of the Serengeti whilst the Marabou Stork can be found in most of the African national parks.

If you are near the coast or a river you may be fortunate enough to see a fish eagle. It is a magnificent sight to watch them swooping into the water for their prey and will make your bird watching safari a memorable one.