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Tanzania, safaris and WHS

Wanted to go to Africa and go on Safari, but not been able to decide on where? Well why not take the chance to visit the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania? This is a unique “UNESCO World Heritage Site” – these types of sites are so exceptional that their importance transcends national boundaries and are of … Continue reading »

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Elephants in Tailand

Elephant Hills in Tailand is a company that has set up and started to run conservation projects – they are a big part of what they have come to offer – with continuous training for the guides who look after the elephants and run the tented camps, in addition they support wildlife studies and run … Continue reading »

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Safari – A ‘journey’ to remember

Safari translates to ‘journey’ in Swahili and what an imperishable journey you will have on an African Safari. A journey of self discovery will unveil an array of wildlife and interesting animals from enormous elephants to wallowing water buffalo. Why not see the king of the beasts in action? The lion is one of the … Continue reading »

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African Events on your Safari Holiday

Africa has a rich a diverse culture. When going on your safari holiday, you should first consider aligning your visit with some of the various national holidays/events which occur there. Being there during one of these events will expose you to a new way of life, unique to Africa. There are numerous opportunities for you … Continue reading »

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African Trek

African treks are an alternative to a safari. Both give a great opportunity to experience the wildlife and natural beauty of such a diverse and exciting environment. A trek, unlike a safari, will generally take place over a longer period of time, giving you an opportunity to get a different perspective of the area, although … Continue reading »

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