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Choosing your clothing for an African Safari

Posted by on November 3, 2020

Going on a safari holiday\y can be an extremely exciting time and although you may not currently be able to go or are having to post pone your trip, that doesn’t mean that you cannot start to plan ahead. One important thing to consider when going on a safari is that you take the right clothing and equipment. You need to ensure that you are comfortable on the safari trip as wearing shoes that rub you or being too hot will only make your experience less enjoyable which is certainly not what you want.

The type of clothing to take on your safari holiday will depend on the time of year you are going and what type of safari you are going on. But there are some pointers that should be followed regardless of when or where you go. When going on any safari you want to try and blend in with your surroundings as much as possible. To do this you want to wear natural coloured clothing such as khaki. These colours will match the shrubs and land meaning you are less likely to be spotted by the wildlife or to startle them.

Always pack layers as the weather conditions can vary greatly. You should ideally wear breathable layers that will keep you cool in the hot afternoon sun. If you are setting off early on your safari then you may find the mornings quite cool and require an extra layer or two.