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Don’t let mosquitos ruin your safari holiday

Posted by on December 10, 2020

Visiting Africa for a safari holiday is often a once in a lifetime experience but unfortunately it is one of the countries that does have a problem with mosquitos some of which can carry malaria so how can you enjoy your holiday without getting bitten and make your holiday memorable for the right reasons?

Travel to certain parts of Africa will require you to have vaccinations against some of the more prevalent diseases so checking with your doctor a few months before you travel is a good idea. There are a few safari camps located in malaria free zones so selecting one of these resorts could be a wise choice.

Practically you must make sure that you cover up as much of your skin as possible, thereby making it more difficult for you to get bitten. Mosquito repellent should be worn but be sure to buy one that is a DEET or picaridin based repellent as these will offer the best protection from the dreaded bites. Mosquito repellent bands can be bought from most supermarkets and health shops and although there are mixed reviews about their effectiveness many people wear them constantly whilst on their African safari holiday and suffer fewer mosquito bites.