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Driving abroad

Posted by on February 25, 2014

Driving in a different country is a massive step, no matter what age the driver is, but it is definitely a step worth taking, especially if you want to visit every area of your summer holiday destination.

Each year many people visit islands, Canary Islands and Greek islands are among the most popular. And most of them will require a vehicle to get about and see everything you want to. Corfu is an example of one of these popular European islands, and while it doesn’t look huge on a globe or a map, when you take the mountains into consideration, a car is beneficial.

Driving in a different country in a different vehicle should really be too much of an issue, and it isn’t for those that have experienced it. With the driver situated on the left, the gear stick is on the right, and immediately there is confusion. So make sure you have a practice somewhere quiet, and wait until you naturally get used to the vehicle, you’re probably bound, at some point, to put the window wipers on instead of the indicator, but you’ll soon get used to it.

Insurance is another concern because if you’re not too comfortable driving you begin to think ‘what if?’ and making sure your covered is important. Usually renting companies will only ask for your driving licence number, so if they ask for more information be cautious and ask questions.

Holidays are to be enjoyed so if you feel like driving will only cause worry or concern, uses local transport, yet if you do want to make the most of a holiday, we recommend you give overseas driving a try.