Dangerous animals on safari

If you are planning on going on a safari holiday then you may think about the safety aspect. Many people instantly think of tigers and lions as being the most dangerous but did you know that Hippo’s are within the top 5 dangerous mammals. The hippo has actually caused more human fatalities than any other mammal in Africa.  The hippo is the third largest land mammal in the world and their size and weight mean they are certainly not to be messed with.

Male hippos defend their territory along the river banks and the female hippos have been known to get very protective and aggressive towards anything that comes between her and her babies, who stay in the water while she feeds on the banks.

Hippos can actually run at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. If you are in the way when this animal runs, you are likely to suffer serious injuries. This being said they really are amazing to see and you will be disappointed if you miss them when on safari. There are a lot of interesting facts such as Hippos secrete a natural sunscreen that is coloured red and eventually turns brown.

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Is there such thing as a cheap safari holiday?

Many of us dream about going on an all out safari holiday but often the cost puts many people off from even considering booking one.

Often when people think of a safari holiday they will assume that it is going to cost in the region of three thousand to five thousand pounds for two people. This is often the case for a luxury safari package that you may book with a well-known tour operator, but there are ways to find safari trips for a lot less. Many safari holidays that you see advertised are within this price range, but if you really want to go on a safari holiday for around a thousand pounds, it can still be done. This does not necessarily mean that you have to skimp on the quality of the resort or the sights you can expect to see, but it does mean that you need to shop around and do your research. You will need to be very flexible on the times you go and which airport you will fly from etc.  

Some resorts offer a 5 night stay for approximately nine hundred pounds but these need to be booked during certain times of the year. These packages are often available when the resort is usually quitter, allowing them to reduce their prices to try and fill their capacity.

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Booking a last minute summer holiday

There are pros and cons for booking a last minute holiday. Booking last minute usually within two weeks of travelling, can grab you a bargain. Often the travel agents advertise these types of holidays in their window or through their website.

If you are considering a last minute holiday then you need to ensure that you have all your documents in place. Make sure that you already have a valid passport before booking and that it has plenty of time left to run on it. Some countries require you to have vaccinations. You need to check how long before you travel they need to be done and allow enough time for this.

Booking last minute can be exciting and will leave you little time to panic over the location you have picked or money. Make sure you have people in place that can look after your pets and that you are able to get the time off work. Travel insurance is another must that you need to get in place as soon as possible after booking your holiday.

If you need to exchange money, shop around for the best exchange rates and try not leave it until the airport where you often don’t get as good a deal as you would of previously.   

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Safari holiday in Kenya

Where best to explore all that a safari holiday has to offer than Kenya. Located in South Africa, Kenya is the perfect location for a number of different safari trips. With its vast amount of wildlife and vegetation, it makes for the ultimate location for a safari trip. If you can book a ten night safari to Kenya you can split your time down in to visiting the amazing parks and lodges that it has to offer.
The flight from London in the UK to Nairobi is only eight-hours, giving you plenty of time to explore.
You can expect to pay around five to six thousand pounds per person for a 10 night safari in Kenya but there are often some amazing deals to be had that can cut this cost in half.
A trip to have the chance to see all the Big Five at Lewa, on the Laikipia Plateau is a must and can often be part of the itinerary for your safari holiday.
Safari holidays are not cheap by any means which is why many people reserve them for special occasions such as anniversaries or big birthdays. If you get the opportunity to go then you should grab it with both hands as you will come away with a totally different outlook on wildlife. Not only can you enjoy the wildlife but also explore the different culture of the South African people. They are often very friendly and will be more than happy to share with you their day to day life.

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Protecting your eyes when on an African Safari trip

A safari trip is an amazing opportunity that you will want to make the most of. In order to have the best experience you need to have the correct clothing and accessories to ensure you are safe, comfortable and can really make memories.  You may instantly think about the clothing yu need to wear to stay safe from the sun, insects and dust (such as long sleeved shirts and trousers) as well as a good pair of walking boots which is essential. But have you thought carefully about protection for your eyes?

Early morning and late afternoon safari activities mean that you may be staring into a setting or rising sun during your safari. It is vital that you have a good pair of high quality sunglasses. This will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and allow for better vision when on the safari. You do not want to miss out on these fantastic scenes because you haven’t got the right eye wear.

Eyewear is not only important for protection from the sun but also from the dust. You will probably find that the route you take on your safari trip is paved with high-quality. If dust gets into your eyes it can be very uncomfortable, and even more so if you are wearing contact lenses.  The right pair of sunglasses should also protect you from the terrain. There need to wrap around slightly and fit close to your face.

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