Why are safari holiday so popular?

Safari holidays have grown in popularity over the last few decades. Originally safari holidays mostly involved hunting the animals and from this arose safaris. Not everyone wants to hunt wild animals but many people have an interest in them and how they live and so like the opportunity to see wildlife behave in its natural environment.

Going on a safari holiday is often like nothing you have every experienced. A trip to the best Zoo in the world cannot give you nearly the same sights and experiences that a true safari can. Kenya was the first commercial place to offer a range of safari holidays and this is due to the perfect conditions in the area. There is a wide range of wildlife to be viewed and the terrain is often ideal for safari ventures.

The types of safaris vary, you may have small moveable tents that are erected during the most popular safari seasons and then taken down to permanent buildings that offer safari trips all year round.

Safari trips are often not cheap so many people choose to go on one for a special holiday such as a birthday or anniversary.



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Travel arrangements for a safari holiday

Africa is one of the best locations for any type of safari holiday. With is diverse climate and a huge range of wildlife that inhabit the areas, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to book a safari holiday then you will need to consider your travel arrangements. This is not only how you will get to and from the safari resort but also how you wish to travel around when on a safari.

Many places in Africa are only accessible by a small plane, by car or by boat and so it may mean to you need to take a few smaller journeys when you arrive in Africa to get to your final destination.

When booking your safari, think carefully about what you want the experience to be. If you fancy a challenge and are not afraid of a bit of hard work, then a walking or biking safari may be the one for you. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing then taking a guided tour bus or jeep may be the best option.

Read plenty of reviews to try and get a true idea of what you can expect from each type of safari and if you are concerned you could always split your safari holiday into two different types.

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Wildlife holidays on a budget

Many people think that you cannot go on a wildlife or safari holiday on a budget, but there are many companies who specialise in this and will create an affordable holiday that offers you great experiences and allows you to visit some of the best locations across the world.

There are ways in which you can cut the cost of a wildlife or safari holiday such as booking a holiday which is designed for a group. This way the cost is split between many people allowing tour operators to be able to lower the price to individuals. Yes, you may not be getting one on one attention all the time, but often it is better to experience safari holidays with people who share the same interest and it can actually make for a better overall experience.

Find out when it is cheapest to travel, it may be that travelling out of the peak season will cut the price down of flights but still allow you to see a wide range of wildlife. You also do not have to spend the whole trip on a safari, why not book a holiday which includes a one or two day safari excursion giving you the best of both worlds and keeping the cost down.



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Holiday prep

When going on holiday, preparation is the key. You of course cannot plan for every situation, but being prepared can make the difference between a perfect holiday and a disastrous one. First thing to plan is your transport to and from your holiday location, if you are travelling abroad then not only will you need to consider your flight details but also how you are going to get to and from the airport each way. If you do not plan this you may find yourself paying well over the odds for a black cab to and from the airports.

The next thing to consider is that you have all the correct and relevant documents needed for your holiday such as passports, insurance and medical notes / emergency contact details etc. You may wish to check your passport prior to even booking your holiday to ensure that you know where it is and to check that it is not due to expire.

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A tiger safari

Tigers are magnificent creatures and are a very popular subject for a safari trip. May people are amazed by the power and beauty of a tiger and enjoy learning more about how they live in their natural environment. Seeing a tiger in the wild is beyond any experience you can have at a safari park or zoo and will show you a completely different side to them.

The Bengal tiger is the biggest in popular of all the tiger species but since 2010 it has been classes as endangered. The population in the wild is estimated to be fewer than 2,500 individuals, spread over India, which contains up to 80% of the total, and – in decreasing order – Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. With this in mind, many people worry how long this incredible species has left on this planet before we destroy them.

When booking a tiger safari holiday be sue to book with a reputable company and one that has the tiger’s interests at heart and aims to conserver the species.


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