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Planning a safari holiday with children

Posted by on April 27, 2018

Safari holidays can be amazing trips and what better way to spend it than with all your family. Many people are put off from taking children on safari with them, thinking that they will not appreciate it much and may find it boring but it can be fascinating to a child and they really can learn a lot.

Going to a zoo or safari park in the UK does not even compare to going on a real safari adventure in Africa. If you go at the right time the weather will be just perfect for sightseeing.

Young children will not want to sit still for long periods of time waiting for the wildlife so you may wish to do a self-drive safari instead, allowing you to go at your own pace and not worrying about them chatting away or playing on a tablet when there is nothing to see.

When booking your accommodation, be sure to select an area that is malaria free as this is very important if travelling with children. You will also need to check if there are any other vaccinations that are required or recommended prior to going.