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Safari holiday in Kenya

Posted by on April 14, 2019

Where best to explore all that a safari holiday has to offer than Kenya. Located in South Africa, Kenya is the perfect location for a number of different safari trips. With its vast amount of wildlife and vegetation, it makes for the ultimate location for a safari trip. If you can book a ten night safari to Kenya you can split your time down in to visiting the amazing parks and lodges that it has to offer.
The flight from London in the UK to Nairobi is only eight-hours, giving you plenty of time to explore.
You can expect to pay around five to six thousand pounds per person for a 10 night safari in Kenya but there are often some amazing deals to be had that can cut this cost in half.
A trip to have the chance to see all the Big Five at Lewa, on the Laikipia Plateau is a must and can often be part of the itinerary for your safari holiday.
Safari holidays are not cheap by any means which is why many people reserve them for special occasions such as anniversaries or big birthdays. If you get the opportunity to go then you should grab it with both hands as you will come away with a totally different outlook on wildlife. Not only can you enjoy the wildlife but also explore the different culture of the South African people. They are often very friendly and will be more than happy to share with you their day to day life.