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Taking children on a safari holiday

Posted by on December 29, 2017

One of the biggest concerns of taking a child on a safari trip is safety, but if you are confident that your child is of an age where they can comply with the rules, then it could be the trip of a lifetime. This age – whenever it may be – also means that your child is more likely to remember the holiday.

There are some safari destinations that also provide entertainment and enjoyment for children when they are not out sightseeing. For example you can choose a hotel that has a swimming pool or other games and activities. Ensure children eat well while they are in the hotel, though, as it can be dangerous to take food out on a safari but they may find it difficult to concentrate on the tour if they are thinking about their tummies.

It may also be worth having children document what they have seen so that they can reflect back on it in the future or share stories of their holiday with their friends. For example, if your child is at primary school then they may be able to do a ‘show and tell’ about their adventure, with photographs to accompany the discussion.