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Travel gadgets for 2019

Posted by on February 25, 2019

If you are an avid traveller whether it be for work or personal reasons, there are a number of Some gadgets that are a must have for 2019. It is very important to have battery on your phone, especially when you are travelling. Overtime phone batteries start to lose their charging capacity and you may find that it doesn’t even last a full day. Lots of phones use a micro USB to charge them or Apple products have their own type of charger. Ensuring you have a charging cable with you will mean that you can plug it in if on a train or some café’s also have charging points for you to use. Power banks can be great for charging on the go and can cost as little as a few pounds. Make sure you check what charging capacity they have as sometimes the cheaper ones won’t do a full charge. These devices can sometimes charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Another handy gadget when travelling is a travel mug. You can fill these up before you set off on your journey and it will keep your drink warm for a good hour or so. They are also useful if you buy a drink in a disposable cup when out and about as you can pour them in to your travel mug making it easier to carry and less likely to spill.