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Unusual Safari Animals

Posted by on October 31, 2015

If you are going on an African safari holiday then you will probably be expecting to see some magnificent sites. The wildlife is fascinating and with many safari tours, you will get to see the usual animals such as the lions, elephants and tigers etc. but what about the more unusual animals.

Nocturnal, secretive and decreasing in numbers, the Pangolin is difficult to spot in the wild. The animal is covered in scales that overlap and when it feels threatened it rolls up in to a ball that is very hard to penetrate to protect its underside.

The Pangolin typically walks on its hind legs and uses its tail for balance and can be found in South Africa. Although this may not have been one of the first animals that came to mind when you pictured yourself on a safari, they really are worth checking out. With numbers decreasing we really do not know how much longer they will be around.