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What clothing should you wear on Safari

Posted by on April 23, 2014

Packing for a Safari can be a daunting task at first. Make sure after you have booked the trip you consider your options for Insurance to keep you covered for all eventualities while on Safari. You want to be able to safely enjoy your trip to its fullest.

You will be spending most of your day in direct sunlight so make sure you have appropriate head wear to protect your head from the sun. Either a cap or a wide brimmed hat which is probably preferential.


When considering whether to wear long or short attire consider that in the mornings and evenings it could be cold. With long sleeves you have the options to roll up and down for cooler periods, although if you pack a jacket with short sleeve you still have that base covered. To protect yourselves from any ticks or unwanted insect bites it may be advisable to wear long trousers. Unless you have long trousers with zips that turn into shorts, in that case you have both. Above all ensure that all items of clothing are in natural colours to blend in with the landscape.

There is no real need to have heavy duty boots on your Safari unless you are looking to climb mountains. Make sure you have adequate foot support and the boots are fully broken in. There is nothing worse than having blisters while on your journey.