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Why are safari holiday so popular?

Posted by on February 20, 2017

Safari holidays have grown in popularity over the last few decades. Originally safari holidays mostly involved hunting the animals and from this arose safaris. Not everyone wants to hunt wild animals but many people have an interest in them and how they live and so like the opportunity to see wildlife behave in its natural environment.

Going on a safari holiday is often like nothing you have every experienced. A trip to the best Zoo in the world cannot give you nearly the same sights and experiences that a true safari can. Kenya was the first commercial place to offer a range of safari holidays and this is due to the perfect conditions in the area. There is a wide range of wildlife to be viewed and the terrain is often ideal for safari ventures.

The types of safaris vary, you may have small moveable tents that are erected during the most popular safari seasons and then taken down to permanent buildings that offer safari trips all year round.

Safari trips are often not cheap so many people choose to go on one for a special holiday such as a birthday or anniversary.