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Your Safari Experience

Posted by on February 20, 2014

A safari in Africa presents a singular opportunity to experience some of the most awe inspiring animals in the world. It gives you the chance to see lion prides in their own environment, and elephants living in the wild. Wildlife is full of complex systems, which a safari gives you the chance to see in person. Just going on one safari is a life changing experience, one which shouldn’t be missed by people who regularly watch nature programs. Although safari’s predominately occur in Africa, there are a number of other locations in which you can do a safari, many of which present an equally awe inspiring experience as a safari in Africa. For some people, the Africa 5 (the big African animals) aren’t the most impressive example of life in the world. There are other countries around the world which give you the same opportunity to view impressive animals in their natural habitat. In USA, you can visit various wildlife reserves, looking at wolves, deer, buffalo and bear in their natural habitat, an experience which is far more meaningful when done in person.