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Booking a last minute summer holiday

Posted by on May 19, 2019

There are pros and cons for booking a last minute holiday. Booking last minute usually within two weeks of travelling, can grab you a bargain. Often the travel agents advertise these types of holidays in their window or through their website.

If you are considering a last minute holiday then you need to ensure that you have all your documents in place. Make sure that you already have a valid passport before booking and that it has plenty of time left to run on it. Some countries require you to have vaccinations. You need to check how long before you travel they need to be done and allow enough time for this.

Booking last minute can be exciting and will leave you little time to panic over the location you have picked or money. Make sure you have people in place that can look after your pets and that you are able to get the time off work. Travel insurance is another must that you need to get in place as soon as possible after booking your holiday.

If you need to exchange money, shop around for the best exchange rates and try not leave it until the airport where you often don’t get as good a deal as you would of previously.