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Why Stay at Olonana?

Set on the banks of the Mara River in Kenya, Olonana is a simply unforgettable camp. It comprises fourteen spacious tents, each with its own en-suite bathroom and a wide, private veranda that looks out over the river, the permanent home of a pod of hippo. In the main camp area, you’ll find a spacious … Continue reading »

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Why not try an unconventional Safari

You may by now have an idea of what to expect from a typical Safari. Early mornings, animal sightings as well as some keen photography and some suitable clothing its a great experience. All companies out there have flamboyant claims of a unique Safari experiences that are second to none and it is down to … Continue reading »

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Walking Safari’s

Safari’s are typically considered an experience whereby you wake up early, prep your kit, dress accordingly then jump in the back of a Jeep and explore the glorious outdoors for the day. Whereas that may tickle most peoples fancy, why not try a walking safari. Its worth while noting that not all places that have … Continue reading »

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Activities While On Safari

For some who go on Safari the allure of relaxing after a long day in the blazing sun is enough for them. They want to be able to enjoy the weather, the wildlife and generally getting back to nature. alternatively some may enjoy to add additional elements to their safari tip to spice it up … Continue reading »

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African Trek

African treks are an alternative to a safari. Both give a great opportunity to experience the wildlife and natural beauty of such a diverse and exciting environment. A trek, unlike a safari, will generally take place over a longer period of time, giving you an opportunity to get a different perspective of the area, although … Continue reading »

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