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What Accessories Should you take on Safari

Posted by on April 26, 2014

Once you have all of your main items of clothing planned. The next step you need to think about is the accessories on take on Safari. Are they essential? Are they useful? Or is it just going to be a pain to carry.


Sunscreen will rank highly in importance. Relative to your skins sensitivity to the sunlight you should pack the one most suitable to you personally.

Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are a preferential accessory to take, though its up to you how much you spend on them. As long as they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays they should suffice. You may also want to take some eye drops to refresh your eyes if they are sensitive to dust.

Camera / Video Equipment 

With your camera / video recorder keep spare batteries with you at all time to make sure you can capture your memories. Have an idea of what sort of lenses you will need for optimal image capture and take enough memory cards to do so. A handy tip if you don’t want to take a shoulder rig would be to fill a sock with local beans. With the make shift bean bag, you can rest your camera on there when taking image and video for increased stability.


You will spend an ample amount of time looking at the landscape through your binoculars so do some additional research on them depending on where your going. They are a worth while investment. Try and make sure everyone in your travelling party has one ideally if funds permit so you can take in the beautiful landscape.

Travel Adapters 

Travel adapters relating to the country you travel from. If you take luxuries such as iPod’s / iPad’s you want to keep them charged as well as your camera’s and mains dependant accessories you may want to travel with.