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When is the best time of year to go on a safari holiday?

Posted by on May 8, 2020

When you are planning your safari holiday an important decision to make is what time of year you are going to go. This will depend very much on the type of experiences you are looking to have on your safari holiday and the country or area that you want to visit.

It is a wise decision to plan to travel to your safari destination in the dry season avoiding the floods and mudslides that occur frequently in the rainy season. It is also the best time to see the magnificent animals at the watering holes as they travel there in their droves.

The seasons in Africa are opposite to those in the UK so autumn is March to May and spring is September to November. These are probably the most popular times to go on a safari holiday as you will avoid the two extremes of weather namely the rainy season and the summer when temperatures are high, and the humidity is a problem for some people.

Interestingly if you are holidaying in South Africa in May the weather will usually be pleasant and sunny in the day but in the evenings the temperature drops dramatically so planning for this when you are packing is wise.