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Africans Wildlife explored and what makes it such a great place for a safari

Posted by on September 14, 2019

Africa is famous for its wildlife and safari trips. Thousands of people flock here year upon year to visit the magnificent sights of the wildlife in its own environment. You may often hear the terms the “big five” referring to the five large animals that inhabit South Africa. These are the Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Buffalo that are often seen on safari trips around South Africa. 

If you have ever been lucky enough to see a male and female lion rubbing heads, you may not know but this is actually how they greet each other. Their roar can be heard over 5 miles away! 

Did you know that a baby elephant is blind when it is first-born? Baby elephants can often be seen sucking their trunks similar to a baby sucking its thumb for comfort.

You may wonder how similar leopards are to domestic cats – well they hunt in a similar way and possess many of the same traits but unlike domestic cat’s leopards actually like water and can often be found fishing in it quite successfully. 

These animals are just a few reasons why South Africa is the perfect place for a safari trip but there are a number of other reasons to visit too!