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Elephant safaris in Africa

Posted by on September 22, 2018

Africa is well known for its wild elephant population, and after sending just a few hours with these magnificent mammals it is easy to see why elephant safari trips are so popular. These gentle giants are very emotional creatures and experience love, loss and fun. Sadly, the African elephant population is in decline. These majestic creatures are threatened by poaching for the illegal ivory trade and habitat loss. There are currently many programs in place to try and protect this amazing species but more can always be done to help. If you are booking an Elephant safari, then be sure to book with a company that is actively involved with the conservation of these mammals. Most of the safari tour operators will be very pleased to tell you more about how the money they make is invested back into conservation.

If you’re staying in Nairobi, we strongly recommend a visit to the orphanage, when you can see the babies enjoy their daily mud bath and bottled milk. You may even have the opportunity to sponsor a baby elephant to help with the long-term commitment of feeding and caring for the little elephants until they are confident enough to join the wild herds and know that the money you send is going to directly impact the life of at least one elephant.