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The magnificent African elephant

Posted by on October 18, 2021

If you have a passion for safaris and love wildlife then you will not be disappointed if you get the opportunity to spot the truly amazing African Elephant. The African elephant weighs up to eight tons and can measure around seven metres. It is the largest land mammal and much bigger than Asian elephants and with much larger ears. Despite their size, these gentle giants are herbivores so will not eat meat but can consumer a huge amount of vegetation every day. They are famous for their long trunks which they use to pick objects up, communicate and to squirt water from for drinking or washing. It is a true fact that elephants have great memories and it is thought that they do eel emotions such as sadness and grief.

Some populations of elephants are now growing, helped by conservation efforts, but they are still threatened due to issues such as the poaching of their tusks, war, and destruction of habitats. IF you are planning on going on a safari trip, then be sure to do your research to find out where the money goes that you spend on your trip. Most good safari companies will plough a good proportion of it back in to conservation.