Elephant safaris in Africa

Africa is well known for its wild elephant population, and after sending just a few hours with these magnificent mammals it is easy to see why elephant safari trips are so popular. These gentle giants are very emotional creatures and experience love, loss and fun. Sadly, the African elephant population is in decline. These majestic creatures are threatened by poaching for the illegal ivory trade and habitat loss. There are currently many programs in place to try and protect this amazing species but more can always be done to help. If you are booking an Elephant safari, then be sure to book with a company that is actively involved with the conservation of these mammals. Most of the safari tour operators will be very pleased to tell you more about how the money they make is invested back into conservation.

If you’re staying in Nairobi, we strongly recommend a visit to the orphanage, when you can see the babies enjoy their daily mud bath and bottled milk. You may even have the opportunity to sponsor a baby elephant to help with the long-term commitment of feeding and caring for the little elephants until they are confident enough to join the wild herds and know that the money you send is going to directly impact the life of at least one elephant.

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Booking your pitch early

One of the cheapest ways to take a holiday is by camping. Many families opt for camping as you may be able to get 3 or 4 nights in a tent for the same price you would spend on one night in a hotel. Camping may not be the easiest type of holiday, but if you are well equipped then it can be lots of fun and a great way to make memories.

When looking to go camping, especially if in the main season, you should try and book up as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Camping pitches often fill up pretty quickly and you want to be able to get a good selection for your chosen dates. If you leave it till last minute you may find that you are left with some of the less favoured sites, which may be ok if you are basically looking for a field to pitch your tent but not so great if you want a few more home comforts and luxuries.

There are some great websites that allow you to search areas for your selected dates and they will show you a list of campsites available. This allows you to easily compare sites and try and find the right one for you.

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Sharks may be coming to Britain

Over the past few weeks, the weather in the UK has been scorching and this increase in heat has seen some wildlife opting to visit Britain. Only a few days ago a shark was spotted off the coast of Cornwall in St Ives. The warmer weather is making the sea in Britain bearable for these mammals and as temperatures rise we can expect to see more and more of them.

Recent studies that have been carried out suggest that we could see a number of shark species start to inhabit the UK in as little as thirty years. This could make our beaches a totally different place to visit and may leave many people nervous to go into the sea.

It’s not only sharks that are coming to Britain but also large jellyfish. We do have a few different sorts of jellyfish in the UK already but over the next ten years, we may see an increase in this and some new species coming to pay a visit. Much of this is due to climate change that is seeing our sea temperatures rising year after year.  This is only a small concern for some of the many scientists who are worried about the effects of global warming on our planet.

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An Elephant back safari experience

Africa is a very popular choice for a safari holiday, not just because of the wildlife that is on offer but also the amazing and breathtaking views that can be seen.
When booking a safari holiday many people are not aware of the wide choice they have available to them when it comes to choosing your transport around the area. Most of the safari tour operators in Africa offer a choice of safari transport experiences such as Jeep, biking or even on foot and if looking for one-off land, then a boat. But did you know that you can actually do part of a safari on the back of one of Africa’s big five, the Elephant?
Why not take a three and a half hour ride on the back of one of the Shearwater’s herds of twelve elephants. You will get to explore the local area, allowing you to not only have first-hand experience with these magnificent animals but to also see the area from a totally new perspective. All of these elephants have a very close bond with their handler as they have been reared from birth, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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Travelling by plane with young children

When going abroad with little ones the thought of a long flight can strike fear into the hearts of most parents, however with the right preparation the experience doesn’t need to be a nightmare and can, in fact, be a trip everyone can enjoy.
The first thing to check is the airline’s guidance on what food and drink you can take on board. Snacks are a great way to keep little ones entertained however you may need to buy them after you’ve been through security.
Sweets to suck or dummies are good for little ones for take-off to stop their ears popping, also breastfeeding can help to stop any discomfort for babies.
For entertainment try some wipe clean activity books for fun activities for older children and for little ones you could try MagnaDoodle or AquaDoodle type activities that create no mess.
You could also preload some movies onto a tablet and get some earphones so the children can enjoy a film together.
For older ones, you could also pack some travel games to play and if all else fails a good game of eye spy always or the shopping list game helps pass the time.

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