The magnificent African elephant

If you have a passion for safaris and love wildlife then you will not be disappointed if you get the opportunity to spot the truly amazing African Elephant. The African elephant weighs up to eight tons and can measure around seven metres. It is the largest land mammal and much bigger than Asian elephants and with much larger ears. Despite their size, these gentle giants are herbivores so will not eat meat but can consumer a huge amount of vegetation every day. They are famous for their long trunks which they use to pick objects up, communicate and to squirt water from for drinking or washing. It is a true fact that elephants have great memories and it is thought that they do eel emotions such as sadness and grief.

Some populations of elephants are now growing, helped by conservation efforts, but they are still threatened due to issues such as the poaching of their tusks, war, and destruction of habitats. IF you are planning on going on a safari trip, then be sure to do your research to find out where the money goes that you spend on your trip. Most good safari companies will plough a good proportion of it back in to conservation.

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Travel restrictions after Covid

With many people now looking forward to finally being able to get away, travel restrictions still need to be considered in detail. Week on week the travel advice and restrictions seem to be changing and you never quite know what the rules are going to be. It could be that the rules just get gradually lifted over the coming months or possibly that over winter the cases soar again and we find that tougher restrictions are reintroduced again.

Whenever you book any holiday, it is vital that you check what is covered and what is not. Many airlines are offering you Covid cover meaning that if your flight or holiday is cancelled due to the Covid outbreak you will be entitled to a refund or to move your holiday.

Although it can be daunting, not knowing exactly what is going to happen, it is likely that it may be like this for some time to come so if you are desperate to go on holiday you may not want to delay it any longer than you already have.

Do your research and make sure you have contingency plans in plan should you or a member of your party fall ill before or during your holiday.

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Cheap safari holidays for families

If you are willing to shop around for a safari holiday you may be surprised at how cheap you can actually pick one up for. You can land a great deal if you look online, where it is easy to compare prices and packages.

If you are going as a family group, safety is going to be a priority so taking guided tours may be your wisest choice. An itinerary which will include breaks for food and overnight stays if necessary, will be provided, thus guaranteeing peace of mind.

South Africa is a good choice for a family safari holiday as direct flights from the UK are available and there is a good selection of low cost, comfortable accommodation available.  The well-maintained roads mean that travel is a pleasant experience as you visit the reserves where you will be able to see a plenty of wildlife including the big five. This can all be done from the comfort and safety of your safari vehicle. These holidays are often once in a lifetime experiences and will make memories that stay with you and your family forever so don’t forget the camera to ensure you have something to look back on in years to come.

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Choose Greece for your long awaited holiday

Whether your idea of heaven on earth is relaxing on a gorgeous sandy beach or dancing into the night with newly discovered friends the Greek Islands should be top of your list of must see destinations and with travel flights direct from the UK to the major Islands it could not be simpler getting there when things get back to normal.

Your choice of island will depend on the sort of holiday you want as some islands are serenely quiet and only have a few small bars and restaurants whereas others have more of a party atmosphere with bars and nightclubs open until the early hours.

Many holidaymakers like the idea of booking an all-inclusive stay when they are planning a holiday, but it is better in Greece to be either self-catering or bed and breakfast as there are so many fantastic restaurants and bars offering very reasonably priced food and drink in all the main holiday resorts.

Excursions around the Islands or to a different Island are advertised in many places and are a good opportunity to see the stunning scenery without the hassle of hiring a car and driving. It is usually cheaper to book these direct with the local guides rather than through the travel company you booked your holiday with.

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Safari holidays will be back

Although it is probably unwise to go on a safari holiday at the moment the hope is that in the near future safari holidays will be back on the cards for those wanting an unforgettable holiday adventure. What is possible at the present time is booking that safari holiday as many companies are open for business and actively encouraging travellers to book for the latter part of the year and next year. Most of these travel companies are offering a guarantee that any holiday booked with them can be transferred to a different date without charge giving holiday makers the confidence to book knowing that if anything changes they will not be out of pocket.

Before booking that incredible safari experience it is a good idea to do a bit of research on the area you want to visit and the type of safari experience you want as there are a variety on offer ranging from a luxurious hotel stay with daily wildlife reserve excursions to a full-blown, back to basics adventure where you will be camping under canvas in the African bush.

A safari holiday can even be combined with a beach holiday if that is what you enjoy as South Africa has some breathtakingly beautiful beaches along its coast.

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